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The Next Frontier: CTV OOH

There’s barely a moment when we’re not surrounded by video screens. They’re everywhere. Could be an elevator, a taxi or a bar. And many are networked.

K.C. McLeod
K.C. McLeod
Jun 4, 2024

What do I mean by that? Companies like Loop, NRS, GSTV, Captivate and hundreds of others aggregate the power of those screens in order to merchandise their reach to advertisers. These include giant CPG brands like Dove, Hellmann’s, Pepsi, BandAids, and Tylenol, as well as electronics makers like Samsung and Apple that are already using them to reach captive audiences wherever they are.

While these screens provide plenty of opportunities for advertising, it’s well known that high-quality content can enhance the experience: keep the audience engaged longer and they are more likely to notice and respond to the surrounding ads. There are many studies that support this, but one by Nielsen says that engaging content increases the viewer's willingness to watch ads by 20% and can lead to a 30% increase in ad recall.

Especially in high-traffic areas full of distractions, creative and interactive content on OOH video screens can stand out, drawing the audience's eye and making them more likely to notice and absorb the accompanying ads. Also, content that resonates emotionally – whether through humor, inspiration, or storytelling – can help create a stronger bond with the viewer, making the associated ads more memorable. According to a report by Ipsos, ads placed within emotionally engaging content can lead to a 23% higher effectiveness in ad recall and engagement​.

Another important factor is relevance. Ads can feel more natural and less intrusive if they are contextually relevant. According to a recent report from Netimperative, contextual video content can increase dwell time by as much as 33%, highlighting the enhanced user engagement when videos are relevant to the surrounding content.

For example, weather updates in a commuter hub or sports highlights in a sports bar can provide added value to viewers, making them more receptive to adjacent ads.

VideoElephant customer Loop Media is a great example of a CTV OOH Network which provides relevant video content to its audience. The Loop network consists of thousands of screens across the country in a range of venues including over 400,000 hotel rooms. With its 200 different video channels, Loop is able to tailor its content to the needs of each venue. (If you’re in a private airport, you may be more interested in a story about luxury travel than if you’re in a taxi, or a bar.)

Two other digital media networks include GSTV, with an audience of over 95 million uniques each month at gas stations across the U.S., and Captivate with 12,000 digital screens in high-trafficked office buildings and residential complexes across North America, reaching more than 12 million unique viewers each month. As a station franchise owner or landlord, you can optimize those screens with a combination of ads and content appealing to your customers and residents.

In the end, blending content and ads on out-of-home video screens captures attention, fosters emotional connections, ensures contextual relevance and increases dwell time. These factors collectively enhance the effectiveness of video ads, making them more memorable, and easier to sell!

To learn more about how VideoElephant can provide you with compelling content to engage your audiences, contact us!

K.C. McLeod
K.C. McLeod
SVP of Business Development

K.C. spearheads the Business Development team at VideoElephant, and was the first U.S. hire. With a robust 15-year tenure in media, he has navigated diverse landscapes including digital publishing, music video, and feature films, fostering extensive expertise.

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