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Captivate audiences & 
maximize revenue. 

Build a standout channel and solidify your presence on FAST platforms.

Our Comprehensive Managed Service

Enable Content Producers & Publishers to build a standout channel
& solidify their presence on FAST platforms.

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Accelerate Your
FAST Strategy

  • Access to Content
    Access to our extensive content library & acquisition team to deliver a bespoke & engaging content strategy for your channel.
  • Channel Distribution
    We act as your outsourced sales team, pitching your channel to all major platforms for distribution.
  • Playout Scheduling
    Lineup creation & scheduling of your 24/7 channel including series creation and ad break insertion optimization.

Supply & Demand, Fully-Served

  • Monetization
    Our in-house ad sales team & advanced platforms maximize revenue potential of your content & audience.
  • Audience Development
    With deep expertise in content strategy, we continually hone & refine scheduling strategy to ensure high performance.
  • Metadata Enrichment
    Advanced metadata & imagery services powering navigation, search & discovery.

Unlock the full potential of
your FAST Channel

with VideoElephant’s FAST Managed Service.

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Our Expertise

With over 5 Million videos and millions of hours available to use. Our specialized content acquisition team sources diverse, high-quality programming tailored to your target audience.

  • O&O FAST Channels
    We have successfully launched and distributed 3 FAST channels with another 2 scheduled this year, demonstrating effectiveness in distribution partnerships and month-over-month HOV growth.
  • End-to-End Monetization
    High-yield monetization through direct and programmatic, to maximize streaming advertising revenue for our publisher partners.
  • Linear Playout Expertise
    Strong expertise in creating lineups for playout on all major platforms including Amagi and Wurl, including playlisting, series creation and ad break insertion.

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