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Beyond Paranormal

Beyond Paranormal invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of the unexplained. With Beyond Paranormal, you'll dive into first-hand extreme ghost stories, witness UFO sightings, and explore intriguing conspiracy theories, all while uncovering the truth behind these haunting Mysteries.

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July highlights

Paranornmal Quest web

Paranormal Quest

Paranormal Quest travel the world with their cameras to some of the most haunted locations, document real occurrences of paranormal activity and have maintained their honesty and integrity for well over a decade. If you enjoy real ghost hunting, make sure you stick with them...

Shadow chasers web

Shadow Chasers

Shadow chasers is a British paranormal reality television series, first televised In the UK in 2017, now an international phenomenon on Amazon Prime in America. The show takes an unbiased view on the evidence collected. Investigators Rob Park, Adam J Morgan, Kia Aspill and Kevin Bate who use scientific tools to collect evidence at alleged haunted locations in the UK.

MT Forbidden Knowledge web

Forbidden Knowledge: Ancient Gods of the UFO

More and more highly credible UFO evidence is mounting and our government is finally taking notice. Explore the unexplained phenomenon reported by countless eye witnesses and take a journey in the unknown with the fascinating series.


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