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Real Crime Uncovered

Real Crime Uncovered brings the best true crime shows, documentaries and vodcasts for its viewers. The channel gives a first-hand look at groundbreaking criminal cases, in-depth investigations, along with compelling documentaries.

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July Highlights

2 1 The Mafias Greatest Hits

Mafia's Greatest Hits

Told by those who brought them to justice, this takes you through the rise and fall of some of the mafia's most notorious outlaws.


The Shocking Truth

The Shocking Truth is a compelling documentary series that digs deep into notorious real-life murders and paranormal events and explores how Hollywood turned them into its most memorable thrillers.


Raiders of the lost art

Throughout history, some of the world's most amazing works of art have simply disappeared. Through re-enactment, rare archive, and expert comment we see how these treasures were looted, stolen or vanished into the archives. Some have been recovered but many more are still waiting to be found.


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