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Make July 2024 Sparkle: Elevate Your Video Content Strategy and Planning with the VideoElephant Guide

As vacation season approaches with its summertime distractions, content providers and publishers may need to try harder than usual to capture our interest.

Carolina Jones
Carolina Jones
Jun 7, 2024

With July, comes a plethora of events, holidays, and summertime trends in the US and around the world to capitalize on and having a robust content plan is crucial to engaging your audience in the face of endless BBQs, sunsets, and summertime fireworks. Below, we have a comprehensive guide to help you plan your video content for July 2024.

Understanding the July Landscape

Before diving into specific content ideas, it’s important to understand the key themes and events that define July both domestically and internationally. In the U.S., July is synonymous with summer fun, patriotism, and outdoor activities, highlighted by Independence Day and National Ice Cream Day. On the global front, events like the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris and more niche-y observances like World UFO Day and World Criminal Justice Day add an international perspective to the month.

Key Dates and Events

  1. Independence Day (July 4th) - US
    • Theme: Patriotism, celebrations, fireworks, barbecues.

    • Content Ideas:
      • “Top 10 Fireworks Displays in the US”

      • “DIY Fourth of July Decorations and Recipes”

      • “History of Independence Day: Fun Facts You Didn’t Know”

  2. World UFO Day (July 2nd) - International
    • Theme: Extraterrestrial life, science fiction, mystery.

    • Content Ideas:
      • “Top UFO Sightings in History”

      • “Exploring the UFO Phenomenon: Experts Weigh In”

      • “DIY Alien-Inspired Crafts and Snacks”

  3. World Criminal Justice Day (July 17th) - International
    • Theme: Justice, legal systems, societal issues.

    • Content Ideas:
      • “Understanding the Criminal Justice System: A Beginner’s Guide”

      • “Top Documentaries on Criminal Justice Reform”

      • “Interview with a Criminal Justice Expert: Current Challenges and Solutions”

  4. Bastille Day (July 14th) - France
    • Theme: French culture, celebrations, history.

    • Content Ideas:
      • “How to Celebrate Bastille Day Like a French Local”

      • “Bastille Day: A Historical Overview”

      • “French Recipes for Bastille Day Celebrations”

  5. 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris (July 26th - August 11th) - International
    • Theme: International sports, athletes, global unity.

    • Content Ideas:
      • “Top Athletes to Watch in the 2024 Olympics”

      • “A Guide to Paris: Host City of the 2024 Olympics”

      • “Olympic Sports You’ve Never Heard Of: An Introduction”

  6. National Ice Cream Day (Third Sunday in July) - US
    • Theme: Summer treats, fun, food culture.

    • Content Ideas:
      • “Top 10 Ice Cream Parlors to Visit This Summer”

      • “DIY Ice Cream Recipes for the Perfect Summer Treat”

      • “The Evolution of Ice Cream: A Sweet Journey”

  7. Back-to-School Preparations - US
    • Theme: Shopping, organization, parenting tips, education.

    • Content Ideas:
      • “Top Trends in Back-to-School Fashion for 2024”

      • “How to Organize Your Home for the New School Year”

      • “Expert Tips for Easing Back-to-School Anxiety”

Weekly Content Themes

To keep your content fresh and varied, consider planning weekly themes. Here’s a suggested breakdown for July:

Week 1: Independence Week - US

  • Focus on patriotic content, Fourth of July celebrations, and summer activities.

Week 2: Mysteries and Justice - International

  • Highlight World UFO Day and World Criminal Justice Day.

Week 3: Travel and Adventure - International

  • Highlight popular travel destinations and adventure sports.

Week 4: Health and Wellness - US & International

  • Emphasize summer fitness routines, healthy eating, and wellness tips.

Week 5: Back-to-School Prep and Olympic Fever - US & International

  • Focus on back-to-school preparations and Olympic excitement.

Content Formats and Strategies

  1. How-To Videos
    • Why: They provide value and practical tips, boosting viewer engagement.

    • Ideas: “How to Plan the Perfect Fourth of July Party”, “DIY Summer Crafts for Kids”, “Healthy Summer Snack Ideas”.

  2. Listicles and Top Picks
    • Why: They’re easy to consume and share, and they often attract a wide audience.

    • Ideas: “Top 10 Summer Reads for 2024”, “Best National Parks to Visit This Summer”, “Top 5 Summer Fashion Trends”.

  3. Interviews and Expert Opinions
    • Why: They add credibility and offer in-depth insights.

    • Ideas: “Interview with a Travel Expert on Hidden Summer Destinations”, “Chef’s Tips for Perfect Summer Grilling”, “Educational Expert’s Advice on Preparing for the School Year”.

  4. Live Streams and Q&A Sessions
    • Why: They provide real-time interaction and engagement with your audience.

    • Ideas: “Live Q&A on Summer Fitness Tips”, “Cooking Live: Easy Fourth of July Recipes”, “Back-to-School Prep: Live Chat with a Teacher”.

Final Thoughts

Planning your video content for July 2024 doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By understanding the key themes and events here and abroad, diversifying your content formats, and engaging with your audience, you can create a dynamic and engaging content calendar that resonates with viewers around the world. Remember to stay flexible and alert to unexpected happenings and news events. There should always be a place for that. With the VideoElephant content calendar, you can make July 2024 a month filled with captivating stories, insightful tips, and engaging content to keep your audience coming back for more.

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Carolina Jones
Carolina Jones
Content Strategy Manager

Carol is VideoElephant’s Content Strategy Manager, fostering partnerships with publishers and our clientele. Previously at AccuWeather, she developed strategic plans for content production. In her free time, she loves to cook and watch movies!

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