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At StreamTV Show, FAST offers a new venue for niche, unique content

As the media landscape experiences a seismic shift, one question on everyone’s mind is what’s next for FAST? I was fortunate enough to speak on a panel last week at the StreamTV Show to dissect the FAST phenomenon and what the future may hold.

Preeya Naul
Preeya Naul
Jul 2, 2024

With nearly 2,000 FAST channels operating in the US – at $9 billion and counting – why are so many people still jumping on the FAST bandwagon? Isn’t it crowded enough? While it may be FOMO for many, it is undeniable that FAST presents a unique opportunity for the producers of niche or unique content - especially for those who already have significant audiences across other platforms.

While scrolling through a cable channel guide you’ll see a plethora of channels that attract mainstream audiences: ESPN, FOX, CNN, local news channels, and throwback sitcoms, leaving niche genres and independent creators on the sidelines. FAST channels, however, thrive on variety and specialization and offer a diverse range of content that includes everything from pickleball to anime. These niche content producers see FAST as a platform of unprecedented opportunity where they can showcase their work to a global audience. The lower barrier to entry means that independent filmmakers, niche genre producers, and even amateur creators can distribute their content without the need for significant financial backing and without the regulatory controls of cable. And, beyond that, these producers have yet, another opportunity to monetize their content through advertising.

Our own FAST channel, Beyond Paranormal is one that some might call niche. But in reality, a recent study out of the University of South Carolina reported that as many as 41% of American adults believe in ghosts, and 20% say they have personally experienced them. So, the numbers say there’s an opportunity here for eyeballs and monetization.

While FAST does have a lower barrier to entry than broadcast or cable, and for content producers, there’s undoubtedly an opportunity, it’s still not something you can launch overnight. If done right, though, FAST can be a powerful monetization tool for niche content producers to garner more audiences and leverage an additional revenue channel.

If you’re interested in learning more about how VideoElephant can elevate your FAST strategy reach out to our team, and check out our blog on Five Facts for FAST Success.

Preeya Naul
Preeya Naul
VP of Streaming Partnerships

Preeya is a Media Executive with 15+ years in news & entertainment revenue generation. Highly experienced in cultivating digital audiences and leading the creation and distribution of long-form channels and partnerships on FAST platforms.

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