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The FAST & Curious - How to Build a FAST Future

Content is the one thing that all FAST channels need, no matter the topic or the owner. Without compelling content, there are no eyeballs. Without eyeballs, there are no advertisers. Simple as that. But how do content owners determine where the white space is.

Preeya Naul
Preeya Naul
May 16, 2024

There are so many channels, the competition is rife. At VideoElephant, we did considerable market research before settling on our first three topics. Travel Escape was a natural for its universal popularity, Beyond Paranormal was a given since more than 50 percent of Americans believe ghosts are real! And Real Crime Uncovered is another popular genre that viewers tune into an average of 4 hours a week.

Once you hone in on a theme, a publisher needs to determine how much and what kind of content they need in order to make their channel successful. It’s our experience that a successful channel needs 200-250 hours of content to start. Ideally premium, rights-cleared content that’s easily accessible and affordable without it costing a fortune to procure or produce. (Some estimate a 5-minute video costs as much as $15,000 to make depending on the complexity and the themes.)

With our content library housing literally millions of videos, publishers benefit from a one stop shop of reliable, premium, rights-cleared content on hundreds of topics. In addition, VideoElephant brings years of experience to bear. From day one as an aggregator of premium, licensed content, we’ve helped publishers thrive using the power of video. Rapid advancements in connection speeds coupled with lower bandwidth costs and changing audience preferences have made video the epicenter of the media landscape. In 2024, it’s safe to say that, if your business delivers any sort of content, having a strong video strategy is imperative.

And, we know how a FAST channel works: how important it is to find a niche, how much content is needed, how often it has to be refreshed in order to maintain engagement, and how to tweak it daily to make sure you’re airing the right program at the right time of day (or night). We’ve seen two of our own linear FAST channels, available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, go live in 6 countries across 3 continents. Both have achieved month-over-month increases across critical KPIs including average session minutes and unique viewers since launch.

For publishers, FAST represents a new revenue stream and VideoElephant is a great partner. Whether you’re just thinking about it, or have begun the process, we can help. Connect with our team to learn how to benefit from VideoElephant’s experience.

Preeya Naul
Preeya Naul
VP of Streaming Partnerships

Preeya is a Media Executive with 15+ years in news & entertainment revenue generation. Highly experienced in cultivating digital audiences and leading the creation and distribution of long-form channels and partnerships on FAST platforms.

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