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Creators Find Off-Social Audiences

As creators become aware of the monetization opportunities off of their usual social channels, they are increasingly taking advantage of networks like VideoElephant to mine non-social platforms.

Kate Doughan
Kate Doughan
Jun 20, 2024

Especially now that the YouTube / Tik Tok / Insta landscape is so crowded (and uncertain) revenue on those platforms is difficult to generate and retain, making the non-social world of web publishers + FAST + OOH even more appealing.

Monetization through sponsorship is often creators’ top priority, but the opportunity to expand their audiences by reaching into new realms is an additional leg in their content strategy at no additional cost - and should not be missed. VideoElephant is one platform that can do this for creators in a completely hands-off automated experience.

Creators who spend the time developing compelling content should be able to reach audiences wherever they are – and because VideoElephant has worked with hundreds of non social publishers for years, we understand the landscape and can identify which content has the highest off-social potential. VideoElephant actively collaborates with creators to relay suggestions and requests from our client network to maximize off-social distribution efforts. For example, VideoElephant can advise on making content more evergreen, if that’s what publishers want. Lifestyle content is also in high demand in addition to sports and entertainment. The need is high for a diverse range of genres. In the end, publishers know that VideoElephant provides curated, authentic content.

At the same time, it’s important to realize that publishers have their own reasons for highlighting creator content:

  1. Because mobile is the way most people consume content, publishers are increasingly looking for vertical formats like YouTube shorts and reels, suitable for mobile appetites.

  2. With so much content commoditized, publishers are also looking for something new and unique - that they can call their own. Not only because audiences want to see it, but because they know that having a large and loyal social audience can be a huge benefit to them as they explore starting FAST channels of their own. After all, audiences notoriously follow creators.

That said, creators are in control of their content at all times. If YouTube is their primary platform, it can stay that way. If creators prefer it, new videos can appear exclusively on YouTube before any off-social distribution. Basically, a creator’s off-social distribution can co-exist with all other content strategies.

A few of the YouTubers who have effectively expanded their distribution beyond social include 5-Minute Crafts, Watchmojo.com, Bright Side, Looper, Nicki Swift, Jack Massey Welsh, Geography Now.

According to Gil Mendes da Costa of General Knowledge, “My expectation is to maximize the income potential with the same amount of work. It can, essentially, serve as a second(ary) stream of income by distributing and licensing my content elsewhere…we're expecting income to rise in the coming months - especially with the new automatic upload tool that really takes away any need for effort from our side; also allowing us to focus on editing and clipping videos into smaller formats that may do better on the platform.”

VideoElephant does a few things for creators, at no cost:

  • Markets creators’ videos/brand to a vast network of publishers who have the opportunity to pick up content daily based on their needs.

  • Creates second life for older backlog of video content - expand opportunities

  • Generates new revenue streams from new and old content. While unearthing old content and brushing it off is valuable, it’s not nearly as important as broadening distribution for the new stuff!

If you’re a creator and you’d like to learn more about how VideoElephant can maximize your reach, contact us!

Kate Doughan
Kate Doughan
Head of Content

Kate sources premium video globally for VideoElephant. Transitioning from diverse sales roles to acquisitions in 2011, she holds a BA in English and Art History and a Masters in Media and International Conflict (2010).

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